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About this Blog

This blog features posts about what’s going on with my music mixed in with occasional posts on wellness, self-care and cultivating the art of “slow living.” While this blog aims to keep it “real,” it is just as excited to discover the “new song” of things, and I like to think of life as an adventure. While I have been experimenting with different posting schedules for this blog, I am settling on posting to this blog on a more or less once-per-season basis these days.

Join me at this blog fest and let’s keep the conversation going! As I seek to grow my online community of readers, listeners, and friends in music, all are welcome to give this blog a follow and to reach out. Thank you for reading and visit my website at: and follow me and my band elsewhere via Linktree by clicking here.

@isabelmarcheselli, #isabelmarcheselli, #isabelandthewhispers, #marchesellimusic

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