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Isabel and The Whispers in the News Today

Isabel and The Whispers wishes to thank THE WESTFIELD NEWS so much for their engaging article published today about our band’s upcoming free show at the Luthier’s Co-op (108 Cottage Street, Easthampton) this Friday night, 3/18/22, in western Massachusetts.

To read the feature, click here. Below is a pic from the article which came out in print today.

For this extremely special show, drummer and band co-founder, Alec Menge, and bassist, Scott Gleason, will be coming up from New York City to perform with me at this fun, welcoming venue with a bar and tasty menu available for listeners. Can’t wait to welcome these New Yorker bandmates of mine to New England!

Earlier this month, I made a video for folks explaining why this show is so special for us. In a nutshell, it will feature all-original music by myself in the singer-songwriterly/pop/jazz/and rock genres, including new songs. This show will also be bittersweet for us because we have not performed in some time for various reasons, including the pandemic. In addition, this will be a rare – likely one-time only – appearance of our band in this region and in the state of Massachusetts, since we usually play in New York City. Also, this will be my band’s first stop as we kick off our DREAM tour in anticipation of the release of our EP and singles soon. We plan to continue on to play in other states. Have any venues near you to suggest to us? If so, let us know in the comments section! 🙂

Anyway, there are so many reasons for why this show will be like a comet flying over this locale!

Before I sign off today, let me invite you to check out this video below and come out and show your support for the rebirth of live music by joining us! If you can’t make it, send us good vibes, it’s all good! On behalf of myself and my bandmates, Alec and Scott, we thank you very much for reading this news flash from us and we would love to see you at our show.

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A Personally Taped Invite to My Band, Isabel and The Whispers’s upcoming 3/18 show

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