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Lessons Learned from My First Year of Blogging & Vlogging

This January, I will be celebrating my first year of personal blogging and vlogging as a musician and lead singer of the band, Isabel and The Whispers.

Some things I learned throughout the course of this year are that blogging and vlogging are not mutually exclusive, and that I enjoy doing both because they are two sides of the same coin.

I also learned that it can be a titanic amount of more work than I thought it would be to create, format, and maintain a library of posts and videos for public consumption. No one really takes you into absolutely everything that goes into this « unglam » and most tedious work as it is just so much and, honestly, I would have run away screaming if I had seen it all before starting out.

It’s a true labor of love.

I can’t even imagine how tv stations do it handling so much video. A portable hard drive comes in handy to save so many videos for one thing! It all just really made me want to be sure that I wish to share what I am sharing, no matter how spontaneously inspiration hits me. Everything always ends up taking much more time than I think it will, later, to actually share content.

Whenever I hit dry spells for content creation, I love to bounce off of the energies of other bloggers and vloggers such as Cathrin Manning. I am someone with a natural affinity for writing, and I also grew up with pen pals, so blogging is not unappealing to me. However, again, it is a lot of work to maintain blogging content, and so it tends to bring out the organizer in me with respect to keeping posts manageable. In this way, one ends up kind of doing « data management » regularly willy nilly.

One of my posts that has attracted a fair amount of attention is related to how I lost 20 pounds on a keto meal plan. This has fostered some thinking that I might someday start a holistics blog in the future; however, I am not decided on this yet. If folks would be interested in this, please let me know in some way here or via my other sites.

Forgot to mention that I also enjoy how people have responded to my posts on songwriting. Although I have no desire to teach songwriting, I do not mind sharing a bit about what fascinates me about this craft.

On the whole, I am glad that I have survived my first year of blogging and vlogging on my own behalf and that of my band’s, since I am grateful to have another way of communicating with others about my music and inspirations besides Facebook posts, etc. It’s worth it to me in that way.

Blogging and vlogging may not necessarily be for everyone, but I have just enough fun with it.

Before signing off for today, here’s a tip for you: blue light filtering glasses are a Godsend to bloggers. So maybe get yourself a pair if you’ll be blogging and…vlogging! 🙂

Discovering the joys of blogging and vlogging


Published by Isabel Marcheselli

I'm Isabel, a musical artist, writer and Cornell graduate, and on this blog I share thoughts and tips on music and creativity, wellness and self-care, band news, and more. Thank you for visiting! While you're here, I will be very grateful if you please remember to hit "like" and "share" for posts enjoyed as it helps me and my bandmates to get our stuff out there! Check out our musical work and follow us on other social platforms via our Linktree at @isabelmarcheselli #isabelmarcheselli #isabelandthewhispers #marchesellimusic

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