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The Gift of Bandmates

The subject of bandmates is an overlooked one in this world of solo-glorifying musicians. There’s precious little to be read about the topic online. However, each musician in my band is a hero to me on their instrument, regardless of the peculiarities of their individual personalities.  

I have done so many solo shows over the years that never before have I come to appreciate the gift of my bandmates as I have lately. 

Coming out of a rough year, a lot of thought, work and planning went into this reunion to get to this point, and it’s going to be amazing to reconnect with our musical synergy once again.

As a result of the past year, who has floated to the surface of your mind as important to your life, creative or otherwise? Could it be time to show them some renewed appreciation?

Isabel and The Whispers: From left to right – Alec Menge, drums; yours truly, piano/vox/guitar; Octavio Padron, guitar and saxophone. Check out our album on Spotify


Published by Isabel Marcheselli

I'm Isabel, a musical artist, writer and Cornell graduate, and on this blog I share thoughts and tips on music and creativity, wellness and self-care, band news, and more. Thank you for visiting! While you're here, I will be very grateful if you please remember to hit "like" and "share" for posts enjoyed as it helps me and my bandmates to get our stuff out there! Check out our musical work and follow us on other social platforms via our Linktree at @isabelmarcheselli #isabelmarcheselli #isabelandthewhispers #marchesellimusic

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