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How I Lost 20 Pounds Parts 1 & II

This is an amended and expanded repost of a popular post that, some may recall, I made about how I lost 20 pounds last year.

It needs to be said that, while this blog is not a food blog, I am happy, on occasion, to share with others things that happen to have worked for me in the hopes that this can help someone else out there in some way. Indeed, both my drummer, Alec, and myself generally aim to eat healthy as the demands of gigging can be rigorous and require physical stamina of all kinds, since music is, after all, a performance art. (Recently, for instance, we had a test of musical fortitude that required some 7+ hours of travel time followed by a concert!)

My own recent weight loss came about as a result of following a doctor-supervised version of the keto diet that is not so much about eating lots of meat, but about eating the “ideal” kind of protein in order to 1) satiate and “calm” the body so that it is not in a constant need of satisfying sugar and carb cravings and 2) nourish the body. For example, eating 4 cups a day of vegetables every day was part of my eating plan.

It was the most weight that I had lost on any previous regimen.

It works so well because it espouses a low intake of carbs that goes hand-in-hand with an intake of more optimal sources of protein. The idea, in part, is to help counteract weight-promoting, insulin-resistance that has resulted, unsurprisingly, from a pretty carb-y, low-nutrition diet which is the current average American diet. Nevertheless, a hard-core keto diet is not necessarily meant to be anything recommended to be done beyond something like a year.

This is all the more so if you are, like me, not really too big of a meat-eater!

For someone emerging from weight loss on keto, intermittent fasting and the Mediterranean diet can offer recognizable insight and more long-term guidance. At first glance, the Mediterranean diet would seem to be an illogical follow-up to keto. However, the adoption of high-quality grains and proteins that are “clean” and from the earth in that they are not processed – or genetically modified so as to create “addictiveness” or bring about other hormonal imbalances – is one that the keto and the Mediterranean diet both share, and this is something to ponder further.

Nutritional expert, Dr. Becky, does a great job broaching this very subject in her latest video, “Mediterranean Style Keto Diet – What to Eat|What to Avoid” on Youtube if you click here.

*Post updated on June 14, 2022.

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