The Mystique of Songwriting

I was once asked to teach songwriting to others, and the thought of doing this struck terror into my heart.

Years back, you see, I had taken a songwriting class, and actually found myself in the position of having to unlearn what I had learned to do in order to feel free again in my songwriting.

So I find that I am no longer a fan of formal songwriting classes and such.

Nevertheless, looking back, I have appreciated the act of learning about songwriting if only to relish breaking the so-called “rules” about songwriting all the more.

A song to write is something of a miracle for me. A free gift from above, and a kind of musical rainbow-sighting. A time to forget about things that hold a singing heart back; not a time to impose restraints that silence.

Songs tend to come to me in their entirety all at once, and thank God for that. In a world, where one has to figure out plenty of other things, I am glad that a song can just drop down on me. Nevertheless, I have benefitted from my own self-imposed songwriting sessions.

Have you ever written a song or would you try writing one sometime?


Published by Isabel Marcheselli

I'm Isabel, a musical artist, writer and Cornell graduate, and I love to write about my journeys as a musician as well as on a variety of topics such as creativity, nature, health and nutrition, and more. Thank you for visiting! While you're here, I will be very grateful if you please remember to hit "like" and "share" for posts enjoyed as it helps me and my bandmates to get our stuff out there! Check out our musical work and follow us elsewhere: @isabelmarcheselli #isabelmarcheselli #isabelandthewhispers #marchesellimusic

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