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Who is “Josefina” anyway?

In those days, by the way, I didn’t use a smartphone to dictate my lyrics so much as a good old-fashioned mini memo pad that I always carried on me.

By the time I made it to my destination, my song was pretty much finished. It touches on “Josefina” as being an inner child figure, an interior monologue, a song of self-soothing (after a day of frazzled nerves), a certain joie de vivre, perhaps a “Josefina” in every woman…or in…everyone. In a musical culture that can get kinda crazy, “Josefina” celebrates simplicity.

Lyrics: “See my joy, it doesn’t have a sound like I had dreamed, it is quiet and it’s not so loud, can you blame me?”

Brand new official video for “Josefina”


Published by Isabel Marcheselli

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